Release Notes: NEPTUNE X.00-04d

(ver:H501-5.xx,Neptune-E3-1.xx Giant-9.xx)Feb 24, 2022
This section includes maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and new features. For more information on changes made in any specific release, just look into it below.

New Features:

  • 24-hour card – Credential can only be used once in a 24hr time period / Feature is available Professional or higher
  • New default card format (36bit FC45061)
  • Enhancements:

  • Support LINK at “Advantage” level
  • Client Update – Enhancement to update process – Update button on client page no longer requires selection of update package. Utility identifies hardware type and applies correct update.
  • RMC Port Change Update Improvement – Sets defined check in update to be shorter.
  • Improve booting process: Ping but can't access thru browser – DHCP issue where DHCP server in the router does not handshake with panel – Our panel is the DHCP client pushes a reset command to DHCP server to initiate a faster response.
  • Fixes:

  • Bug fix – after multiple fast power cycles panel could initiate factory reset