Release Notes: NEPTUNE X.00-03d

(ver:H501-5.xx,Neptune-E3-1.xx Giant-9.xx)December 29, 2020 (KR, UTC +9)
This section includes maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and new features. For more information on changes made in any specific release, just look into it below.

New Features:

  • DW Integration Spectrum Video Integration
  • Reader drop-down type - PIN Number - Keypad Only
  • API Log pushes Change of status of an input
  • Enhancements:

  • Changed primary colors to Black Grey and Red (See on-line demo site). NOTE: Clear browser cache after update.
  • User Interface Primary and Secondary Icons added Icon label.
  • Secondary Icons redesigned to standard keyboard key dimensions and grouped closer for easier navigation.
  • Changed Menu button click to go to Dashboard, NVR and Threat Level page directly.
  • One Time Schedule Unlock Event allows for multiple doors to be selected.
  • Changed System Setting>Update label wording “Installed Software Version”.
  • Added Connection Status to Mobile Credential Settings.
  • Updated Mobile Credential Email Invitation to include link for app download.
  • Pop up message for log in password on clients to “Client password will change to Server password when connected.”
  • System check that the Email is a valid Email format for Card Holder
  • Increased Super Admin and Web User Password Length to 24 Characters
  • Increased Character Length of User Defined Field to 36 Characters
  • Modified CSV import to remove spaces before and after the input information.
  • Modified Administration > Card Holder Display to include First Name and Last Name vs just Name.
  • Event Action – Added Same Event Source for Multiple Actions
  • Card Holder information offers ID, First Name and Last Name Sorting
  • Access Level information offers ID and Access Level Name Sorting
  • Fixes:

  • Corrected when REX Activates Door Lock is OFF and REX is Active, Card Holder Can Not Unlock Door
  • Corrected after a database restore, Holidays in Holiday Group are Duplicated.
  • Prevent Duplicate Card Numbers when Changing Card Formats but Not Card Number
  • Corrected Neptune-e3 Client Log that Generates Duplicate Events.
  • Corrected Door Remaining Unlocked after Access Granted when REX Occurs when Door is Relocked
  • Corrected the log backup to SD card failure