Seeing is Believing ties to Video – you see who it is along with an event.

What is Triton / Neptune Access Control?

Embedded Network Appliance, Linux OS, Browser Managed HTML5 Consumer modeled Interface, SQL Database, Gigabit connection, End to End Encryption, Mobil App’s and Remote Management Connector “RMC” for secure out of network administration of access control, video monitoring, security management platform

Triton and Neptune Offer:

Value Leading capabilities, providing a better Return on Investment “ROI” Our features and capabilities are focused to exceeding requirements for the “Small and Medium size applications. As a company we are always enhancing our systems to optimize our clients ROI while providing the lowest long term cost of ownership. “TCO”

Our focus on Enhancements that provide:

  1. Operational Strengths lowers the cost of installation and support.
  2. Low Total Cost of Ownership “TCO” – Closes more sales at a higher price!
  3. Secure remote services platform that provides a Hybrid design providing a services platform where the dealer provides cyber secure technologies that the customer owns the data and can utilize the technologies in all situations.

Our product is an ECO System

  1. Flexibility in panel types – 1, 2, 4 door panels, with or without integrated 12 and 24 VDC power supply for system and locks
  2. License on Demand “LOD” Server interconnects hardware to the cloud allowing an installer or administrator the ability on the fly to define the type of system capabilities, it’s a server, client, elevator module or a service part requiring exchange / swap of system capabilities from one panel to another.
    • Any panel can change its role as many times as you would like. Have a bunch of standalone systems you would like to make one system – years after install change some to be a client and interconnect.
    • Scale and or add capabilities as your customers grow and have new requirements –Doors, Sites, Partitioning (multi-tenant / common area’s), Video tagging, Custom reports, App (cap) management….
  3. App’s – Android and IOS App’s securely to a cloud server and securely connects to your panels
  4. Update Server – Panels connect to a cloud server and are provided no cost updates ensuring panels have the latest cyber security enhancements and feature sets.
  5. Remote Management Connection Service is a cloud Service that allows and administrator on and off-site to one or many systems. In todays environment being able to make changes and see system activity securely from any where is important!
Triton Neptune
System Specification One Door Professional Professional Plus License
Number of Doors & Clients 4,4 32, 32 128, 64
Models 1 Door Only 1, 2, 4 Door Models Virtual License
App - Mobile Android & IOS (Cloud and P2P) Yes Yes Yes
Readers per system 1 In / 1 Out 128 In/ 128 Out 128 In/ 128 Out
Users, Photo's 1000, NA 5,000, 15,000 15,000, 15,000
Access cards & Per Person 8,000, 12 32,000, 32 120,000, 32
User-defined fields. 5 fields 10 fields 20 fields
Access Levels, Schedules, Access Groups 25, 25, 10 512, 250, 32 512, 250, 32
Operator Levels, Concurrent Log in 3 Pre-configured, 5 32 Configurable, 10 32 Configurable, 25
Scaleable with out changing software X X X
Config. Wizard, Bulk Users Import / Export X X X
Capture, Decode, Enroll from any reader X X X
Remote Management Connector - Option X X X
Reporting - Event Storage - On board, SD Micro and FTP
Transactions 15,000 30,000 50,000
Transaction Types Event, Audit, and System. Event, Audit, and System. Event, Audit, and System.
Pre-Defined Reports, Print / Export X X X
Custom Report Writer X
Floor Plans with Active Icons
Action Buttons Door , Aux outputs "+" Elevator, Cameras "+" Elevator, Cameras
Floor Plans with Active Icons X X
Alarm acknowledgment X X
Card Types
Passage, Relock, Extended Time X X X
Manager In, Two Man, One time X X
Toggle - 2X Present, Exempt AntiPassback X X
Deadman Check In X X
Guard Tour X
Global: Inputs, Outputs, eMail and Text messages
eMail / SMS X X X
Triggers and Actions X X X
Alarm Integration X X X
Scheduled Unlock X X X
First In Auto unlock, Grace X X
One Time Scheduled Door / Aux Events 50 150
Threat levels - UI, App, Input, Credential 5 25
Soft - Timed / Forgiven X X
Hard - Override required X
Region, Sequence X
Muster / Roll call X
Occupancy Control
Man trap X X
# of credentials allowed X
Elevator Control
Elevator Cab 5 12
Elevator Floors 40 floors per cab 96 floors per cab
Administration by Controller X
NVR Integration - No add on required
Tumbdrive Video Tagging Option X X X
Max # of NVR's 2 60 60
Live Video View X X X
Video Tagged Event in Log X X X
Photo Recall X X
Note: This is an abrieviated feature list - Also feature Sets are subject to change.