Thumb Drive Video Event

Sicunet Access control has an integrated ONVIF profile S video storage solution. Our platforms use this technology to provide several capabilities. First it provides a low-cost alternative solution to store tagged video event. This function allows each door panel to store up to 5,000 60 second video clips. This function can be used to record from an IP camera and or store events from our video intercom product. Many IP cameras offer two channels of video out. One which can be directed to the recording device such as an NVR and the second to our thumb drive video storage solution.

  1. Select Thumb Drive NVR
  2. Select the Server or Client
  3. Add the IP address of the Server or Client / Clients
  4. Default Ports
  5. ID and Password
  6. The unit will show the max channels

With this capability each server or client processes the video and stores to a thumb drive. In each 1, 2, 4 door controllers there is an USB port for the thumb drive. Each unit is limited to the same number of doors to video channels.

Example: 1 Door Controller / Client can only video tag for one camera
  1. Go to NVR Channels
  2. Enable the option (Click box)
  3. If the unit has multiple doors select one
  4. Click the boxes you would like to have video tagged