1Door Neptune

Affordable, Scalable

Access Control System

The Neptune systems is comprehensive embedded OS and browser-managed access control systems.
The proven Neptune systems delivers faster set-up, enhanced features, and scalability with tens of thousands systems installed.
These feature-rich, self-contained access systems are designed for small & mid-sized applications where users need to
secure their facilities, manage access of personnel, create and analyze reports, and monitor the system remotely.
The Neptune Series’ comprehensive wizard is fast and intuitive, saving significant set-up time.

Small and Strong

It’s Compact.

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Smart and Powerful features

Compact, but Impact.

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    UL 294 Listed

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    Multiple User

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    Low total cost
    of ownership

SMART & SIMPLE User Interface

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Neptune is a browser based access control platform that does not require a PC with dedicated software.
Out-of-the-box you can manage the system from your mobile device or any PC using your favorite browser.
Our easy to use interface enables easy set-up using the Wizzard and integrated tools for user data import.

Which NEPTUNE is right for you?

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“We have a solution to fit your needs and your budget. Our systems are scalable to fit your needs from one door, stand alone access control, to multi-door, multi-floor, multi-tenant access control. Combined with our video integration and cloud based mobile application, you will be able to securely manage and check on your facility everywhere and at any time of the day or night.”

“Small or large systems will benefit from our low total cost of ownership. No dedicated PC’s or servers are required. No special software to install or maintain. Modular hardware and upgradable software makes it easy to expand and maintain existing systems.”
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Neptune 1DC


  • Main Body

  • Power Cable / Data Cable

1 Door Controller

Enclosure Size (W x H x D) 3.2 x 3.0 x 1.3 in (81 x 78 x 32 mm)

  • 14 Pin Reader Harness
    Input Power
    PIN Color Description
    1 RED +12 VDC Power for In & Out Readers
    3 BLUE LED, In & Out Readers
    5 Orange Buzzer, In & Out Readers
    7 GREEN D0, In Reader
    9 WHITE D1, In Reader
    11 GREEN D0, Out Reader
    13 WHITE D1, Out Reader
    2 BLACK Ground, In & Out Readers
    Door Input
    14 PERPLE Door Position Input
    12 BLACK Ground
    10 YELLOW Request to Exit Input
    System Input
    8 GRAY AUX Input
    6 BROWN Tamper
    4 GRAY Power Fault
    12 BLACK Ground
  • 10 Position Power Harness
    Input Power
    PIN Color Description
    10 BLACK Ground
    9 Red +12 VDC @2A
    Door Output
    7 GREEN Normally Colosed Dry Replay Contact
    5 BLUE Common Replay Contact
    3 GRAY Normally Colosed Dry Replay Contact
    Auxiliary Output
    8 GREEN Normally Colosed Dry Replay Contact
    6 WHITE Common Replay Contact
    4 GRAY Normally Colosed Dry Replay Contact
    2 BLACK Ground
    1 BLACK Ground

1 Door Controller Specifications

  • System
    CPU ARM Cortex A, Quad-Core
    Memory DDR3 plus
    OS Linux
    Database SQL
    Data Integrity End to End Encryption, SSL, AES256
    System Backup Each panel retains a copy of database for redundancy,microSD, FTP
    Network GB Ethernet
    microSD, USB 1X & 2X

  • Inputs
    Tamper Digital Input 1
    Power Fault Digital Input 1
    Supported Doors 1
    In Readers (Wiegand) 1
    Out Readers (Wiegand) 1
    REX Digital Inputs 1
    Door Position Digital Input 1
    Auxiliary Digital Inputs 1

  • Ratings
    Wiegand Reader Power (output) 12VDC @ 0.5 Amps, Fused
    Wiegand Reader Input Rating 0-5V DC with Transient Voltage Suppression
    Digital Input Rating 0-5V DC with Transient Voltage Suppression
    Door Lock Output / Form C Dry Contact 12 VDC @ 0.5A, Fused
    Door Lock Output Rating 12VDC @ 0.5 Amps
    Auxiliary Output / Form C Dry Contact 12V DC @ 0.5A, Fused
    Auxiliary Output Rating 12V DC @ 0.5 A
    Power Requirement 12V DC, 24 Watts